About Julia Chi Taylor

Julia has worked at the core level with people for the past forty years, as a transpersonal counselor and coach, helping others to live with joy, creativity and happiness, discovering the fulfillment they desire.

Her work now is in the field of writing and speaking, with the same fundamental focus.

Relationship is the foundation of her work.

The starting point towards more deeply satisfying relationships with others is the relationship we have with ourselves.

Her speaking and her writing allows others to develop new skills, access latent talent and find inner strength to understand how to become more whole and healed.

From this emerges a sense of freedom to move forward in all areas of life, with a deeper connection to the truth of who we really are.

We heal in connection, and it is in understanding how to connect with who we truly are that allows for the possibility of authentic relationship with others, and so we have a deeper experience of living fully.