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Girlfriend For A Year
Girlfriend For A Year

Girlfriend for a Year explores conscious relationship with another.

If we enter into a conscious relationship with another we are committing to be 100 percent responsible for what we put into the relational space.

Our relationships exist in the spaces between us and in an adult relationship the dynamic is always 50/50.

In conscious relationship we are making a commitment to keep the space between us safe all the time for the other.

We do this by sharing our own processes, but from the position that we are responsible for our own pain and emotional reactivity and for clearing it, rather than projecting it onto the other.

Conscious relationship is essentially about being aware that we must only focus on our own lessons, not those of the other; but with the relational space being a safe environment to explore together, and so clear together, grow together in love… Because in clearing our own reactivity we are able to love the parts that have not been loved.

Through keeping the space conscious and non judgmental, free from reactivity, the wounds we received in childhood can see the sunlight and be healed…

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